Creativerly is the internet corner where I unpack my musings, curate and write about noteworthy apps and software, and explore the latest trends in design and tech.

I am Philipp, a digital product designer with an insatiable curiosity for the intersection of technology and creativity. My mission is simple yet profound: to provide a space where fellow enthusiasts can delve into the fascinating realms of apps, software, writing, note-taking, creativity, design, and technology. Through meticulously crafted content and curated resources, I aim to inspire, inform, and engage my audience, fostering a community of curious minds eager to explore the digital landscape.

What to expect

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  • Insightful, opinionated, thoughtful deep dives: Every week, I write and share opinionated, researched pieces brimming with my personal thoughts on the latest developments in the tech and design realms. Besides that, you will stay abreast of the ever-evolving world of digital tools with detailed explorations and deep dives of innovative apps and software that pique my interest.
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Independent Media

Creativerly is a passion side-project I am working on in my free-time. This gives me the possibility and creative freedom to create and write free from constraints of any kind of influence or agenda-driven narratives. With Creativerly and as an independent endeavor, I am able to provide and offer unfiltered perspectives on the topics that matter most to me. Free from external pressures, I have the freedom to explore and express my opinions authentically, ensuring that you receive content that is genuine and unbiased.

Independence fosters creativity. Without the need to adhere to predefined guidelines or commercial interests, I am able to push boundaries, experiment with new ideas, and deliver content that is fresh, innovative, and thought-provoking.

By supporting independent media, you are not just consuming content—you are actively contributing to the growth and sustainability of a vibrant community. Creativerly thrives on the engagement and feedback of its audience, creating a dynamic dialogue that enriches the content and strengthens the bonds within our community.

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