Thank you so much for considering buying a sponsorship or an ad spot within Creativerly, you support my work, this project, and ultimately my passion, for writing and curating.

Before booking a sponsor or classified ad package, please take your time and read through the About Creativerly, Privacy Notice, and Advertising Terms as those include important bits about the general booking process, and information about how I am approaching sponsorships and ads within the newsletter and on the website.

After running sponsor and ad spots in Creativerly for some time, I found our through the feedback of previous sponsors, that they had the most success with their placements when having at least two sponsor spots in a row. Whenever I partner up with a sponsor or someone who wants to place a classified ad in Creativerly, I want to make sure it is a fruitful partnership for both sides. Therefore, I am only offering Sponsor and Classified Ad Packages.

Monthly Sponsor Package

The Monthly Sponsor Package includes four main sponsor spots in the newsletter, plus a banner on top of the website with a notice about the monthly sponsor including a link. The package of four main sponsor spots in the newsletter and the monthly banner on the website costs €250 (excl. VAT).

The sponsor spot in the newsletter consists of a mention above the intro section, a main mention in the middle of the newsletter (consisting of an image, headline, body text, and CTA), and another mention after the outro of the newsletter. You can check out this example post to get an idea of the structure of the sponsor spot. Both the intro and outro sections are a single sentence including a link. The main section can be up to 650 characters.

Since all newsletter issues are immediately getting published on the website too, you as the sponsor are profiting sustainably from SEO, as your sponsor spot will be visible within the post on the website too. There is the possibility to book multiple monthly sponsor packages. In that case, I am happy to provide a discount. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Two Weeks Sponsor Package

The Two Weeks Sponsor Package is similar to the Monthly one, with the only differentiation being that you are booking two main sponsor spots (instead of four) and the banner on top of the website will be live for two weeks (instead of four). The package consisting of two main sponsor spots and the two-weeks banner on the website costs €150 (excl. VAT).

Classified Monthly Package

Besides the main sponsor spots, I am offering short, text-only classified ads at the bottom of the newsletter. They can consist of up to 180 characters and include one link. The monthly package consists of four classified ads published in a row. Each newsletter includes three classified ad spots, which means the monthly package can be booked by three individuals/companies each month. The monthly classified ad package costs €100 (excl. VAT).

You can check this example post to get an idea how the classified ads look like within the newsletter (make sure to scroll down to the bottom). All classified ads are not only part of the newsletter, but are also published on the website right away, and stay there forever (as long as Creativerly is live).

Classified Two Weeks Package

The Classified Two Weeks Package is similar to the monthly one, with the only differentiation being that you are booking two classified ads instead of four. Those two get published after each other. The two weeks classified package costs €50 (excl. VAT).

Key Facts & Overview

  • Audience: Designers, Writers, Developers, Journalists, VCs, Creative Minds
  • Active Subscribers: over 2200 (last update: July 9, 2024)
  • Open Rate: ~40%
  • Click Rate: ~15%
  • Frequency: Once per week (send out every Sunday at 19:00 CET/10:00 PDT/13:00 EDT)

Website Metrics

  • Monthly Pageviews: ~3500
  • Monthly unique visitors: ~1100
  • Nationalities: USA, UK, Germany, India, Brazil, France, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Spain

Booking Process

As a first step, decide for yourself if your product, tool, resource, app, software, etc. is a fit for the Creativerly community and audience. As mentioned earlier, you can always browse through Creativerly's archive to get a taste of what content I create and share.

Please send me an email to advertise[at] that includes the following information, so I can keep the booking process as short and streamlined as possible:

  • Let me know if you are an individual or a registered business. In both cases, I need your full name and a billing address. I will never ever sell your data or give it to any third parties, but since Creativerly is running as a registered business (Philipp Temmel e.U. - that’s me) in Austria, I need that information for invoice and tax purposes. If you are booking the ad as a business I also need your UID/VAT/EIN or whatever your tax identification number is.
  • Tell me about the date you would like to book.
  • Tell me which advertising format you would like to book (Main Sponsor or Classified Ad).
  • Last but not least, tell me about your product, tool, resource, etc which you would like to advertise in Creativerly. Keep it brief, but distinct.
  • Once I have all of this information, I can create an invoice upfront. At this time, your booking would have the status pending. Once you paid the invoice, everything is done and your sponsorship/ad spot is booked.
  • Sending me all this information upfront makes it possible to keep the whole booking process as short as possible.
  • Once you paid your invoice and your sponsorship/ad is booked and confirmed you will be asked to send over the sponsorship/ad information and assets, so be sure to prepare that upfront so we can still manage any changes if needed.

Again, thank you so much for considering advertising within Creativerly. Through sponsorships and ads, I can support my work and keep Creativerly a sustainable project.

About Creativerly

Creativerly is a publication consisting of a weekly newsletter, a blog, and an interview series. In general, Creativerly is all about creativity and productivity-boosting tools and resources, combined with useful insights, articles, and findings from the fields of design and tech. Creativerly was built for the creative community. The journey of Creativerly started in January 2019 as a side project, but turned into a passion project and ultimately into a full-fledged publication. While the first version of Creativerly was mainly a curated newsletter showcasing tools and resources from the fields of design, tech, and productivity, Creativerly is now a long-form write-up of in-depth thoughts, insights, and findings of creativity and productivity-boosting tools and resource.

I am looking to partner up with folks and companies who are building and operating apps, tools, software, resources, etc. within those topics and fields. Consider this before getting in contact. If you want to get a taste of the content I share and write about, feel free to scroll through Creativerly's archive.

Sponsoring an issue of Creativerly puts your product or tool in front of over 2200 (last update: July 9, 2024 creative and curious minds interested in and actively looking for creativity and productivity tools. Creativerly subscribers come from different backgrounds just as design, tech, writing, development, VC but they are all unified in their curiousness and interest when it comes down to reading about new tools, apps, software, and resources which help them to achieve their goals, design and prototype their next app idea, focus on their work, build up their knowledge base, or track down their tasks. Since I am also a privacy advocate I always love to highlight tools and services which respect their user’s privacy.

Privacy Notice

As mentioned earlier, I am a privacy advocate. One of my main focuses is to respect my reader’s privacy, therefore I am not actively tracking the open rate nor the click rate within my newsletter. The inbox of a reader is a private and personal space, and it should stay like that. Creativerly is not a marketing email, but an informational resource and medium, and therefore there is no need to track any metrics.

Since using Ghost + Mailgun as my tech stack I am able to turn off those tracking metrics. The numbers I provide within the Key Facts section are estimates (except the Subscribers number) based on previous newsletter issues I have send out when I was using Substack.

If you want to track the links you are using within your sponsorship or classified ad make sure to use a service like for example, as I will not provide you with any metrics.