Creativerly's database

Creativerly's database contains every single tool, resource, and article that got shared within the newsletter, convenient browsable through a dedicated database.

On this page you will find a dedicated database of all the tools, resources, and articles shared within Creativerly. It is an evergrowing database created with Airtable. Within the database you have the possibility to sort all the tools by type (e.g. note-taking, taskmanagement, projectmanagement, etc.), by platform (e.g. macOS, iOS, Android, etc.), or you can browse them through a visualised gallery with screenshots. The same sorting functionalities implies to the resources and articles too. On top of that, if you are searching for something specific, with a dedicated search query in mind, you can use the database search to quickly find what you are looking for.

So, if you ever found something useful within Creativerly, and you want to refind it again, Creativerly's database is the way to go and search. Or if you are simply looking for new tools and resources to try out, you can do that do.

This database will be constantly updated by myself. So, whenever I find a new tool or resource, I would like to recommend to you, you will find it in my newsletter first and after that, it will be displayed here. Currently the database is still a work-in-progress since I need to add all the tools, resources, and articles from all the previous Creativerly issues manually. Nevertheless, I decided to give members of Creativerly early access, so you can browse the database already.

Some of the links in the database are affiliate links. Those links are marked by an asterisk. "*". If you buy something through the link, the product will not cost you anything more, but I will receive a small commission which not only supports Creativerly and my work, but also helps me to keep this publication a sustainable side-project.