Writing, curating, and operating Creativerly every single week takes time and costs money. Creativerly has been a side-project of mine since January 2019. I never had the intention to turn it into an income resource in first place. Creativerly has always been a personal source to learn and create a writing habit. Still until today I write Creativerly to learn, discover, and share my experience. My newsletter evolved into a very personal project, with a great audience I am always happy to engage with. I am thankful for every single subscriber and every single support I get from them. Let's us take a look at all the different ways to support Creativerly.

Buy Creativerly a coffee ☕️

If you ever asked yourself how to show some love and support Creativerly, you can do so in different ways. First, the easiest way to support Creativerly is simply by buying myself a coffee, not actually but literally. Head over to Buymeacoffee and support Creativerly by donating a small amount, like you would just buy a coffee. I highly appreciate every single donation since it helps me to keep Creativerly a sustainable side-project. You can also leave a short note in combination with your donation, it always warms my heart when I read some quick thoughts from my supporters.

Use Creativerly's Database to discover and buy tools & resources

Another option to support Creativerly is by checking out the database I have set up. This page contains an Airtable database filled with all the tools, software, and resources, and articles I have shared within Creativerly so far. Some of those links are affiliate links, which means if you decide to buy something using one of my links, the product will stay at its price but I will receive a little commission, which ultimately supports Creativerly and my work. I did not share those tools and resources with you just for the sake of making money. I am sharing them because I recommend them to other creative folks, having the possibilty to be an affiliate for some of those tools and resources is just a plus. So, if you are in the need of e.g. a new domain you could consider using Namecheap where I buy all my domains for the projects I am working on. Using that specific link will just guide you to the homepage of Namecheap, but if you decide to buy a domain after you have clicked on that link, I will get a small commission, but you do not have to pay a penny more than usual. Same applies to this link to Setapp, an incredible productivity suite with amazing apps all available with a single subscription (I am using it myself, my favorite included apps are Bartender, Ulysses, CleanShot, and NotePlan), if you are deeply integrated into the Apple ecosystem, using a Mac and a iPhone, Setapp is a great solution for you, giving you full access to hundreds of apps. I highly recommend it.

If you want to browse some tools and resources, I personally use (have used), like, and/or highly recommend, head over to Creativerly's database, and if you are considering buying a tool or a resource, I would really appreciate it, if you could use one of my provided affiliate links, which would support Creativerly and my work.

Sponsors & Partnerships

Creativerly is offering affordable advertising possibilities. To get more information about the available formats (main sponsor + classified ad) head over to Creativerly's Advertise page.

Support Creativerly by spreading the word

I lied at the top when I was writing "the easiest way to support Creativerly is simply by buying myself a coffee", because the easiest way to actually support Creativerly is by sharing it with your friends, your network, your colleagues, and just by spreading the word. No matter if you share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, forward it to a fellow creative mind, or tell your mom and dad about it, every single support and share is highly appreciated.

Questions, suggestions, any other enquiries?

If you have any other ideas or work something out together, do not hesitate and drop me an email. I am always open to make new connections!