The Creativerly Community

The Creativerly Community

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The Creativerly community is an open space for creative minds to discuss, learn, share, discover, and hang out.

Creativerly is a publication about creativity and productivity-boosting tools and resources. It consists of a blog, an interview series, and a weekly newsletter. While the newsletter keeps steadily growing, I always thought of extending it with a more community-focused aspect.

I have always dreamed of an open community for creative minds, and as I was on the hunt for something like this I decided to create it by myself. The product is the Creativerly Community.

The Creativerly Community is a dedicated space and Discord server for creative minds coming from all kinds of backgrounds to discuss all sorts of tools, apps, software, resources, articles, books, videos, courses, etc. around the areas of creativity and productivity. The Creativerly community is an open community for everyone interested in creativity, productivity, tools, resources, writing, tech, indie hacking, bootstrapping, and more. Within the Creativerly community there is no place for harassment, racism, homophobia, pornography, disrespect, mockery, threats, insults, or other forms of molestation, persecution, or provocation.

If you are looking for a friendly place to discuss, learn, share, build, work, and simply be together with like-minded folks, join and become part of the Creativerly Community now.

Because of moderation reasons, the Creativerly community is currently only available for Creativerly members, so if you want to join the community all you have to do is simply sign up to Creativerly. After that, come back here and follow the invite link to Creativerly's community on Discord.