Advertising Terms

The following terms and conditions on this page govern all advertising slots (main sponsor and classified ad) in Creativerly, published by Philipp Temmel e.U. Raiffeisenstraße 50c, 8010 Graz, Austria.

Please read through those terms carefully, as once you contact me regarding an ad spot and place an order, I take this as a notice for this terms.

1) Specifications regarding your ad

I strongly recommend taking a look at Creativerly’s archive first to get a taste of the content I share. After that, you can decide whether your product or service is a fit for Creativerly. Ultimately, the final acceptance of the copywriting and graphical materials is subject to my review as it needs to fit the content of Creativerly. Based on that, I may suggest edits to your text.

2) Booking Status

All the available ad slots are displayed within an Airtable database for better visibility. If an ad spot is still available it shows the status "available". Once an advertiser got in contact with me, shared their advertising material with me, and received the invoice for the ad spot, the status of the booking turns into "pending". When the advertiser paid the invoice, the booking status is "booked" and the booking is confirmed. Since I handle the booking process manually and therefore need to update the Airtable database manually too, it can be the case that a booking spot is still marked as available although an advertiser already pre-confirmed it by sending in all the materials and received the invoice for it. Therefore, I would suggest that you always look for an additional ad spot in case the one you want is no longer available.

3) Requesting changes to your ad

You, as the advertiser, can request changes to your booked ad if you are not satisfied with the copywriting or graphic you sent it beforehand. But, be aware that those requests need to be done no later than one week before the publication date.

4) Cancellation of your ad and refunding your purchase

If you, as the advertiser, would like to cancel your booked ad spot, you can do so by sending me an email. You can cancel your order and receive a full refund if you notify me about the cancellation no later than three weeks before the publishing date.

5) Responsibility for copywriting and graphical images

You, as the advertiser, are the only person responsible for the copywriting and graphical images provided for the specific ad spot. You also acknowledge that you are authorized to publish those materials, provided by you and that they are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

6) Payment Terms and Booking Confirmation

You, as the advertiser, will receive a due date for your payment as part of your invoice, which is usually five working days (unless agreed otherwise) from receiving the invoice. You, as the advertiser, agree to pay the invoice upfront, before the publishing date, since the booking of your ad spot is only confirmed once the invoice is paid. If the payment of the ad slot is not received in time, I will cancel your order and the booking slot will become available again.

7) Warranties

All services provided to the advertiser which are subject to these terms are provided without warranties.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate and contact me via email at advertise[at]