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Creativerly is written and curated by me, Philipp Temmel. I am a Product Designer, Writer, and Side-Project enthusiast. This newsletter is my passion project. I started it back in 2019 and since then I have been writing it every single week. It goes out to an audience consisting of creative minds, designers, writers, VCs, Indie Hackers, Solopreneurs, developers, and more. If you want to get a taste of the newsletter you can check out some of the recent ones I have written, including How to retain what you learn & A place to save your thoughts and ideas, Brain dump better & The Small Steps of Giant Leaps, or Your team's intelligent start page & Show some emotion.

Every single week, I write about four tools from the fields of design, creativity, and productivity, that could be useful to others. I explore the tools, test them out, and gather my thoughts as well as an overview of their features. From day one, Creativerly has been a very personal newsletter, as I always love to get in contact with my subscribers and discuss certain tools, news, or workflows. Therefore, if you sign up to Creativerly, you should know that my DMs are always open.

Besides the newsletter, I also write blog posts regularly. My list about privacy-focused Google Analytics Alternatives became really popular for folks who want to ditch Google Analytics on their websites, back in 2021 I wrote about reaching the milestone of 1000 subscribers, but I also like to interview fellow creative minds such as Tobias Whetton (co-founder of Supernotes), Elizabeth Butler (founder and creator of Calmer Notes), or Sophie Clifton-Tucker (Editor at Gibraltar Magazine).

Subscribers of Creativerly also get access to the Creativerly Database, an ever-growing Airtable database of all the tools, resources, and articles that have been featured in Creativerly in the past, and as well as to the Creativerly Community, a private space where you can meet, hang out, learn, share, and discuss all sorts of topics ranging from design, creativity, productivity, tools, workflows, and more.

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